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Stacey Green's passion and professional career has focused on conceptual photography, image editing, video and web promotion for over 18 years.  His work is published internationally and also has been featured in numerous advertising campaigns and annual reports for leading companies including Bank of America, Dey Pharmaceutical, Sun Microsystems, Mars Candy, Parenting Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, CDW Computing, Ralston Purina and Egarden.com.

Stacey Green draws from his experience as a professional photographer, photo editor, art director, researcher and account executive at Allstock, TSI Worldwide, Getty Images and Spaces Images.

Stacey also continues to work closely with photographers and businesses consulting and editing a full range of subjects.  He has also been a leading educator in stock photography workshops by educating photographers about stock distributors, rights managed vs. royalty free vs. micro stock business models, stock contracts, model and property releases, marketing strategies, independent creation and portfolio reviews.